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  • Recruitment. A True Love Story?

    13.01.2015 | Angela Thomas
    recruitment love story

    Recruitment. A True Love Story?

    For years I’ve likened Recruitment to Dating. The primary similarity for me has always been the ‘matching’ process – prospective partners in the business and the non-business sense. Recently however there is another similarity – recruitment has become more about ‘attraction’ …
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  • The Importance of the Interview

    13.02.2015 | Angela Thomas
    Image Interviewing

    The Importance of the Interview

    We all know that being interviewed is one of the most stressful events humans in the western world can be subjected to. However we don’t always talk about how difficult it is to be an effective interviewer. Few people conduct interviews well, despite what they may think.
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  • Why I hate

    13.03.2015 | Angela Thomas

    Why I hate

    As a recruiter with 13 years in the industry, this is a bold title to use for one of my blogs. Let me explain. Perhaps the word ‘bad’ should have been inserted somewhere, however in general, the business world is moving on from this costly way of recruiting.
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